How It Works

Gabriele’s Wellness Coaching is a program tailored to the individual needs of each client.

I start off with a complementary 30 Minute Health History Session, during which we explore various aspects of the client’s life, concentrating on areas like:

  • home environment
  • work life
  • stress level
  • happiness level
  • self expression
  • creativity
  • health
  • exercise
  • nutrition
  • relationships
  • spirituality

The Coaching Program will create a regular support system, including small assignments, action steps, and check in emails as agreed upon to support the client in moving toward finding what is right for YOU and advancing toward set goals.

The sessions may be conducted by phone, Skype, or in person, depending on the client’s preferences and circumstances.


If you find yourself struggling with health issues, any limitations, the inability to change old habits, or sabotaging your good intentions, and there is a disparity between what you want and what you do, do not get lost in self judgement of not being disciplined or good enough.

Here is your chance to make use of this wonderful program, or even just the initial free session to find a new and better path.

If you are ready to tackle any or all of the above areas and are committed to success in exploring and adapting new strategies, this program will support you in the adventure of personal growth, loving self care, and finding ways to express yourself more fully and joyously.

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What My Clients Think

Gabriele’s extraordinary gift is her capacity for heart centered compassion and deep listening connected with being a powerfully talented and skilled practitioner.

~Posi, San Francisco