I invite you to commit to living your life to the fullest.
I will support you in finding your unique, optimal lifestyle through honest, loving inquiry and wise guidance.

  • Physical Health Coaching
  • Life Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Change Support
  • Finding And Addressing Underlying Causes
  • Energy Work

Gabriele’s Wellness Coaching is a concept that evolved out of my experiences with my own health and life challenges after trauma (including severe food sensitivities and food disorders, autoimmune and digestive disorders, etc.) and a lifelong commitment to a healthier and happier life.

I have been a lifelong seeker and student of wellness and well-being and have years of experience as a body worker, energy worker, nutrition and health coach, organizer and artist (if you’re interested, go to Art by Gabriele Staake).

I have a background in psychology and energy work, SE (“Somatic Experiencing”), Trauma Touch Therapy, REIKI, Infant Massage, intensive training and experience in the healing powers of nutrition and lifestyle, and am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City.

Over the years I have come to realize that our experience of life is based on our physical, emotional and mental energy patterns and structures.

The electromagnetic field of our heart (60x greater in amplitude than that of our brain) combined with the electrical activity in our brain and every single cell of our body (we have around 30 trillion) makes us electric beings surrounded by unique electric fields.

This field (our “biofield” ) extends outward approximately 8 feet and holds our experiences,memories, traumas, and even generational patters.

When engaging with this field through sound therapy ( tuning fork or singing bowl etc.), disturbances can be returned to harmony.

I believe strongly in finding each person’s unique path to maximum health and fulfillment through exploring each individual’s specific set of capacities, challenges and energetic structures.

In my decades of working with clients I have developed a unique perspective on the unfulfilled needs that keep us from letting go of certain behaviors, unhealthy foods, extra weight, or disorder in our home, life or belief systems.

My personal approach to Health Coaching starts with finding what YOU need physically, emotionally and spiritually, covering the following areas, but is not limited to:

  • exploring the underlying issues that have kept you from becoming your healthiest and happiest YOU
  • applying touch therapy work to truly transform unwanted habits caused by trauma in the body and psyche
  • finding and working with food sensitivities
  • education about healthy food shopping and understanding labels
  • meal planning and preparation support
  • organizing your kitchen and pantry to create a supportive and loving environment for healthy food choices

Clients are empowered to discover their own path to healing and happiness.

I bring non-judgemental listening skills, highly intuitive perception, deep caring, extensive nutritional knowledge, an artistic eye, presence, and, most importantly, loving support to all my sessions.

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The state of California has no licensing requirements for Health Coaches or Nutrition Consultants. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat disease, nor make recommendations regarding medical treatment or medications.

Gabriele Staake
Health and Wellness Coach

What My Clients Think

I have been generally feeling so much better, and have so much more energy now, and Gabriele has been instrumental in that. Thank you!

~Mark, Oakland